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New established F.G. ALEA company was founded by the group of entrepreneurs who are very experienced in whole sale international food trade, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, with proven record of large sales quota when working for the well-known companies of this branch.

Company’s main activities since its establishment are import, sales and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables, mainly from the Mediterranean Sea region.

Our suppliers:

Although Greece remains our strategic source of fruits and vegetables, the growing demand on the part of our customers and challenges posed by our competitors drove us to reach out to major producers from Spain, Italy, Turkey as well as Chile, Peru, Argentina and Israel.

Our long-term partnership with producers, confirmed by framework agreements, is a guarantee of prompt and effective access to high quality products with GLOBAL G.A.P. certification.

Our offer:

ALEA Food Garden offers you not only the fresh, natural and tasty fruits and vegetables but also a great variety of other foods typical for Mediterranean cuisine such as:

  • large side olives of Chalkidiki sort – whole, pitted and stuffed with various ingredients
  • soft and very nutritious black/ruby Kalamata olives
  • Extra Virgin olive oil from Kreta cold pressed by use of mechanical means only from the fresh olives of “koroneiki” and “tsounati” sorts
  • Extra Virgin olive oil from Kalamata (Peloponisos) cold pressed by use of mechanical means only from fresh and oily “koroneiki” olives
  • For demanding customers we are ready to provide also organic olive oil from different parts of Greece
  • Sweet, sun raped peaches – in halves, cubes
  • Fruit cocktail
  • And many others including exotic pineapple.

The above mentioned products are available in various packages according to the customer request suitable for the retail and also HoReCa customers. The customers interested in private label products are most welcome.

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